HBCU Collaborations

Gainz Sportsgear is the owner of the trademark "HBCU ATHLETE" we take great pride in owning and protecting this mark. Our founder Cornell C. Conaway graduated from Bowie St. University the oldest Historically Black College University in Maryland founded in 1865. As a company, we promise to deliver captivating HBCU Apparel that represents our culture!

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"If Not Us Then Who"

Our founder is a proud HBCU
graduate, therefore, it was imperative for our
company to speak to the HBCU
community through our HBCU Collection which
consists of HBCU-inspired fitness gear and

Moving The Culture Forward

Partner with a company that comes from the HBCU community and invest back into the HBCU community.

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Taking Over One Yard At A Time

Since our launch, we’ve been awarded 
multiple HBCU licenses.

Our Gram is where we keep all!

Follow us at @gainz_sportsgear

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Gainz Sportsgear is your premier destination for a dynamic fusion of fitness and fashion that celebrates the legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  We're dedicated to providing you with an exceptional selection of athletic wear that not only enhances your style but also allows you to proudly represent your HBCU affiliation.



Elevate Your Style with HBCU Apparel

At Gainz Sportsgear, we firmly believe that your attire should be more than just practical — it should be a reflection of your personality and a testament to your commitment to both fashion and your favorite schools. Our meticulously curated collection of HBCU apparel seamlessly combines cutting-edge performance materials with captivating designs, ensuring that you exude confidence and style, with where.

Showcase Your School Spirit

Whether you’re a current student who wants to show off school pride or an alumni who wants to remember the good times, we have the HBCU apparel to fit your style. Our collection is tailored for you. We've meticulously curated a range of apparel featuring logos and emblems from some of the most renowned Historically Black Colleges and Universities, including:

Explore Our HBCU Athlete® Collection

Immerse yourself in a world of stylish and supremely comfortable apparel that embodies the rich heritage, values, and spirit of HBCUs. Whether you're representing your current university or college or wanting to be a proud alumni, our comprehensive collection offers something for everyone. Check out our extensive range of options, including crewnecks, spirited hats, athletic shorts, and cozy hoodies— all adorned with the emblem of your chosen HBCU.

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Unmatched Quality and Comfort

We're deeply committed to ensuring that your HBCU apparel is more than just stylish – it's designed to enhance your style and elevate your school spirit. Through strategic partnerships with top-tier manufacturers, we bring you apparel that embodies exceptional quality, unwavering comfort, and enduring style. Our HBCU collection is thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort whether you’re working out, shooting hoops, or just chillin’.

Shop with Confidence

When you select your HBCU apparel from Gainz Sportsgear, you're doing more than just making a purchase — you're making a bold statement. Embrace your school spirit, conquer your fitness objectives, and make a distinctive impression with our exclusive HBCU apparel. Our collection encapsulates the heritage and values of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, empowering you to radiate both confidence and pride.

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