HBCU Collaborations

Gainz Sportsgear is the owner of the trademark "HBCU ATHLETE" we take great pride in owning and protecting this mark. Our founder Cornell C. Conaway graduated from Bowie St. University the oldest Historically Black College University in Maryland founded in 1865. As a company, we promise to deliver captivating HBCU Apparel that represents our culture!

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"If Not Us Then Who"

Our founder is a proud HBCU
graduate, therefore, it was imperative for our
company to speak to the HBCU
community through our HBCU Collection which
consists of HBCU-inspired fitness gear and

Moving The Culture Forward

Partner with a company that comes grom the HBCU community and investinh back into the HBCY community.

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Taking Over One Yard At A Time

Since our launch, we’ve been awarded the
multiple HBCU licenses.

Our Gram is where we keep it all!

Follow us at @gainz_sportsgear

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