Gainz Sportsgear Leisure/Fitness Bag "The Franklin"

Gainz Sportsgear LLC.

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Based on 1 review
Game Changer

This is replacing my Wolfpack. That shoe compartment is a game changer. Fits both my running shoes and my lifting shoes. Plenty of space for my clothes, headphoneF supplements, meal container, and my lifting gear.

I’m a no belt lifter but that belt slot is clutch (copping one on the next drop). I can’t stress enough how clutch that shoe compartment is, especially since now I don’t have to worry about laying fresh clothes on top of where I keep my shoes.

Showed up to work today and had a mini huddle going on with the boys asking where I got it, I said “I’ll send you the link but I bet it’s sold out, sure enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

  • Premium Quality Material 
  • Oversized Bag For Leisure or Fitness
  • Five Different Storage Compartments
  • Weight Lifting Belt Storage Area
  • Oversized Shoe Compartment for Sneakers and Heels 
  • Laptop/Tablet Compartment
  • Stylish Design