"GAINZ Load & Lock Grips provide me the support I need when I am doing any type of push and pull exercise. In my opinion they are the best grips i have ever purchased.  When I want to actually feel the bar the GAINZ Wrist Wrap keeps my wrists stable especially when I am lifting heavy weight." 

Curtis Callender

International Fitness Model, WBFF, MuscleMania, Miami Pro Fitness Model Finalist



"I have tried many other wrist wraps on the market the GAINZ Sports Gear Wrist Wrap have by far exceeded my expectations. The no thumb loop function has added comfort to my wrist and the material used is definitely of high quality. I can't forget the eye catching look of the product as well."

Tony Heath

Medical Device Sales Rep

"I absolutely love them. I pushed 275 on the decline bench for 8 reps. The most I have previously lifted at that weight was for 5 reps. I use them for biceps too and it definitely lets me focus on the muscle more while providing my wrist with superior stability." I plan on purchasing the Gainz Load & Lock Grips as well, I need both items in my bag for sure!

Kyle Bellone

Bar Tender Manager