How To Use The Load & Lock Grips?

The Gainz Load & Lock Grips are made up of Kevlar, which has high strength and is light in weight. Gainz Sports Gear Load & Lock Grips are specifically designed to allow you to load in your desired equipment and then lock it down while providing you stronger and tighter grip, thereby alleviating grip fatigue.

The Load & Lock Grips are quite easy to use and handle. All you have to do is that, firstly, you need to rest your wrist on the neoprene wrist cushion with your hand up against the Kevlar Grip pad.

Secondly, take out the given strap, then insert it through the silver buckle and affix both the sides with Velcro as per the desired adjustment. Make sure that the grips are tight enough.  The Grips have been technically manufactured so that they can be used for any push and pull exercise. They also have a built-in cushion at the top of the Kevlar pad, that will aid your fingers to combat against grip fatigue. The attribute of the material of which the grips are made up of makes it stronger and more flexible.


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